noOS Soccer Team

The noOS soccer team was founded in 2016 by Marc Spieler.
With a robot based on three qfix controllerboards they took part in the Soccer 1 vs. 1 Open league.
The first team member was Silas Birk. He stayed only for one year and was replaced by Tobias Bungard.
In the second year the team moved on to the Soccer 2 vs. 2 Open league.
They developed two new robots entirely from scratch. While Tobias Bungard took care of the ball recognition using a Raspberry Pi, Marc Spieler took over tasks such as electronics and firmware development.
At the age of 19, now too old for participating in the RoboCup Junior competition, Tobias had to say goodbye and was replaced by Frieder Lontzek.
In 2019 and 2020 Frieder is responsible for the ball and goal recognition using a Raspberry Pi and designs models for 3D printing.

Below you can see the robots and team in action at the RoboCup Junior European Championship 2019.

And here is our newest video from the RoboCup Junior Southgerman Championship 2020 where we scored 3rd place:

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